Phunky Munky is a retailer of funky, cool & innovative baby and toddler products. Founded in July 2012, Our company ethos is to supply mums with funky and innovative baby products via home parties, to provide support and advice to mums via our home parties and to offer mums a career opportunity with flexible working.

Phunky Munky was started by Helen whilst on maternity leave with her first son. During the first few months of having her son it became apparent that going back to her old job may not provide her with the work/life balance to afford her quality time with her son. The original idea of Phunky Munky was born out of the need to buy practical but unusual baby and toddler products and to have a business which has an emphasis on flexible working patterns.

The basic concept of Phunky Munky is threefold:

  • To have fun buying baby and toddler products which are practical, affordable and aren't necessarily found on the high street.
  • To allow other Mums to have the opportunity to start their own business which aids flexible working patterns.
  • To provide support and advice to Mums.

Home Parties

At present, we are starting off with the Phunky Munky home parties in and around Suffolk and we will be looking to recruit new consultants in Autumn 2013. We will be seeking to expand our product range and have a fully functioning website shortly. However, the main focus of the business will be on promoting and selling the products through home parties.

We strive to provide mums with the funky and cool baby and toddler products, great customer service and huge support for mums. At present, we will supply the products within the East Anglian region but we aim to be a nationwide brand over the next few years.

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